Our success has been built on specialist welding skills - especially with stainless steel & aluminium.

In addition to its leading role in recompression chamber fabrication and pipe fitting, Cowan's specialist welding skills have been utilised in a wide range of other projects.  This includes ship repair, ship building, armoured vehicle manufacture, rail car  assembly, artwork, architectural facades and research installations.

Advanced Welding Techniques

An excellent example of this capability is that Cowan was chosen by the Australian National University (ANU), Plasma Fusion Research Facility to provide specialist welding and cutting expertise to assist its research endeavours.  The facility is located in Canberra ACT, Australia.  Photographs demonstrating Cowan’s involvement are provided below.

For further information on this leading edge facility, access The Australian National University (ANU), Plasma Fusion Research Facility Web Site through the link provided.  

Plasma Research Laboratory