Superior Design, USA Navy Approved, Light-weight, Compact & Transportable

The Cowan Transportable Recompression Chamber system (TRCS) consists of the Transportable Chamber (TRC) and the Transfer Lock (TL).

The system is capable of being transported to remote locations where diving operations or emergency rescue activities are to be carried out.  It is capable of an operating depth equivalent to 70 metres.

The TRC and TL are manufactured in Stainless Steel and connect by a rotating NATO flange.  They can operate independently as self-contained chambers.

The Cowan Transportable Recompression Chamber System (TRCS) has passed the most rigorous NAVSEA laboratory and field testing. It has won numerous Awards for design and innovation and is supplied to the Australian Navy, the USA Navy and numerous US Government agencies.  To date, over 100 units have been distributed worldwide.  A wide range of options are available that enable the chamber system to be tailored to suite specific client needs.  These include lighting, number of viewports, extent of gas systems, level of life support redundancy, environmental control etc.

Cowan supplies two distinct TRCS Models.  These are the G20-40 Series as supplied to the US Navy and the 26 Series as supplied to the Australian Navy.  The key differentiating characteristics are as follows:

  • The G20-40 Series has a Depth Rating of 70 msw (230 fsw) and provides air, oxygen and mixed gas systems
  • The 26 Series has a Depth Rating of 50 msw and provides air and oxygen systems

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Cowan Recompression Chambers used in American Mine Rescue at Quecreek helped save lives! Visit CNN website for more information

Transportable Chamber

The Cowan Transportable Chamber (TRC) can accommodate two people (patient and attendant) on oxygen, air, and mixed gases for an unlimited period (most dive tables are to a maximum of 6 hours).
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Transfer Lock

The Standard Cowan Transfer Lock (TL) can accommodate two people (seated) on oxygen and air for an unlimited period (most dive tables are to a maximum of 6 hours).

The principal purpose of the TL is to enable transfer of attendants to and from the TRC without disrupting a treatment cycle.  
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Modified Transfer Lock

Transfer Locks vary in size depending on the number of occupants and comfort requirements.

The Cowan Modified Transfer Lock (MTL), accommodates 5 people and was initially designed as a component of the US Navy SRDRS Submarine Rescue System.
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