Sheet Metal, Specialist Fabrication, Shipbuilding &  Pressure Vessels

A wide range of general engineering, fabrication and sheet metal work is carried out for both commercial and Defence clients.  All of this work is controlled by Cowan's, Lloyds Register ISO9001:2000 certified, Quality Management System.   Much of this work also benefits from Cowan's specialist skills in Stainless Steel and Aluminium fabrication. 

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General Fabrication


While maintaining the rigorous quality and management systems necessary for its recompression chamber work, Cowan Manufacturing carries out a wide range of general fabrication.

Projects range from sophisticated fabrication for artistic works, internal and external handrails, ductwork, architectural facades and fittings, vessels, reinforcements, materials handling equipment etc



Beverage & Food Equipment


Cowan's Stainless Steel fabrication capacity has been used extensively to supply a wide range of equipment to the food and beverage industry.
This includes:
  • Stainless steel benches 
  • Kitchen & bar fitouts
  • Stainless steel conveyor components
  • Wine tanks
  • Grape receival bins
  • Wine fermenters
  • Food handling equipment



In addition to its leading role in recompression chamber manufacture, Cowan maintains a significant involvement in Shipbuilding as a  major sheet metal and fabrication supplier.

Cowan's early work developed a strong core competency in specialist stainless steel and aluminium fabrication.  This led to major Defence ship projects involving Navy ships Tobruk and the In-shore Minehunters where Mil Spec manufacturing requirements were common. 
Past projects include:

  • Aluminium mast work
  • Stainless steel fittings, door trims & galleys 
  • Air receivers
  • Aluminium trims & support brackets
  • Hawse plates
  • Magnetic lockers
  • Main air reservoirs
  • Engine seats & guards
  • Sonar trunk drilling jigs
  • Anchor mounts

Pressure Vessels

In conjunction with its recompression chamber work, Cowan has developed the necessary infrastructure and amassed a great deal of experience in the manufacture of pressure vessels.

Cowan's experience in this area extends to the fitting of high pressure pipework systems some of which carry pure oxygen.

In support of this work Cowan maintains specialist welders, hydrotest facilities, an advanced cleaning laboratory, vessel assembly/disassembly rooms etc

Rail Car Components

Cowan has had a significant involvement in major NSW Government rail car projects over the past decade.  Two key projects over this time are the Tangara Project (450 rail cars) and the Millenium Project (161 rail cars expected) currently underway involving EDI Rail.

Cowan's contribution includes stainless steel and aluminium components such as seat frames, covers and panels.  This has included precision fabrication and sheetmetal work. 

Defence Vehicle Components

Supported by its advanced Mil Spec quality and management systems Cowan is also involved in the supply of a wide range of components for the General Motors (GM) ASLAV Armoured Vehicle Project based in Adelaide Australia.  A great deal of this work also involves precision fabrication and sheetmetal work.