Land & Sea Applications

The container houses the Recompression Chamber and all its support equipment (diesel driven generator, HP compressor , air conditioner, gas storage etc).  

The recompression chamber is fitted in its own air-conditioned section at the front of the container with double access doors.  This enables the Recompression Chamber to be transported in a clean, air-conditioned and safe environment while remaining ready to operate at all times.  

Located at rear, in the remainder of the container, is the support equipment which receives full ventilation through specially fitted wire mesh doors.

Standard ISO Containers  (6096 x 2590 x 2438) can be effectively customised to reflect client needs.  Alternatively, custom made containers provide a maximum degree of flexibility. 

Containerised systems can be either land or sea based and are transportable.  Typically, containers can be used to accommodate Cowan Transportable and Twinlock Chambers.    Cowan has supplied containerised recompression chamber systems to the Thai Navy and State Authorities, such as the Police Departments, in Australia.  As a further example of the use of containerised chamber systems, the Cowan 54" US Navy Standard Double Lock Chamber is designed to be containerised.

The above photographs show the Cowan Containerised Recompression Chamber System Model C90DL supplied to the Thai Navy.  The container is sitting on a Flat Rack for shipping purposes only.  As shown in the lower photograph, containers are lifted from the standard ISO container lifting points.

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Custom Designed Containers

View inside container showing insulated entry doors & chamber room

Recompression chamber in air-conditioned & insulated container

Inside view of Cowan Containerised TwinLock Recompression Chamber Model C90DL

Key considerations include:
  • Reinforced flooring / framework
  • Range of  layout designs
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Fully fitted vinyl flooring
  • Personnel access door with window
  • Standard container double doors retained
  • Side opening with weather protection
  • Air conditioning
  • Overhead fluorescent lighting
  • Exhaust fans
  • Insulated side & ceiling panels
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Chamber fire deluge system
  • Overhead lockable stowage cabins
  • Second compartment (sealed from chamber) to hold support equipment

 Accessories can include:

  • Diesel driven power generation
  • HP air compressor 
  • Piping & manifolds for air & oxygen storage

View from rear of container - showing compressor, oxygen & air bottle racks, gas charging panel, air conditioning duct & fire system tank