Recompression & Decompression Chamber Specialists with the US Navy's Seal of Approval

Recompression Chambers

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Transportable Series

 Transfer Lock
 Submarine Rescue
 Decompression Sickness

Modern Slavery Statement

 Logistics Support 
 Specialist Cleaning
 Spare Parts
 Mobile Gauge Testing
 Hyperbaric Repair Facility
 Chamber Refurbishment
 Spare Parts and Info Request

Twin Lock Series

 US Navy 54"
 Search & Rescue
 Mine Hunter
 Decompression Sickness


Underground Rescue Chambers

Mining Applications
 Drilling Applications

Hyperbaric &
Hypobaric Chambers

 HBOT Medical Treatment
 Sports Medicine
 Pilot Training
 Altitude Simulation


Specialist Cleaning

 Cleaning for Oxygen Use
 US Mil 1330D Standard

Containerised Chambers

Custom Designed Containers
 Fully Self Contained
 Land Applications
 Marine Applications


Specialist Welding

Stainless Steel
 Special Alloys
Engineering  Hyperbaric Facilities -
 Reviews & Upgrades


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